chic & glam -> the best spa resort & place to party


sea & adventure -> fantastic water sports center


post-industrial & design -> cinema & contemporary art


vibrant & dynamic -> capital & new face of Poland


folklore & tradition -> river rafting on traditional wooden rafts


art & history -> outstanding town & famous Leonardo da Vinci painting



Team-building or cultural, active or easy, crazy or formal – PolandPops organizes the incentive programs to enthuse all who take them on.


Hotel conference room, post-industrial warehouse or Palace Ballroom – PolandPops assists you in selecting and contracting the very best venue for your event.

Events & Product Launching

Special gala or award dinner, street rally or product launch – PolandPops provides you with the ideas and help you to find a venue, arrange scenography, AV, photographer, catering and entertainment.

Poland +

Professional tailor-made programs focused on contemporary art, design, international music festivals, cuisine or agriculture.

My Poland

Why choose Dorota Goetzen & PolandPops?

experience in MICE

I have 18 years of experience in providing MICE services in Poland to corporate clients world-wide.

leading Polish DMCs

I have held strategic working position in two leading Polish DMCs.

multilingual managers

I lead a network of multilingual project & operational managers in the main Polish cities.

knowledge is power

I know HOW, I know WHERE and I know WHAT. I simply have what it takes!

Some of my ideas?

CORPORATE EVENING: Gala Dinner in Wieliczka

An elegant gala dinner 135 m below the ground level? Yes, it is possible! Wieliczka Salt Mine provides completely unique and spectacular attractions in its magnificent underground chambers. Start your evening with a tailor-made tour with a miner-guide, enjoy an amazing mapping show followed by Polish vodka tasting, and finish your evening with an exclusive dinner accompanied by disco & DJ entertainment.

TEAM-BUILDING: Pierogi competition

Contemporary or traditional, veggie or vegan, Polish cuisine is really yummy! Keep this taste for longer! We will teach you how to make Polish traditional dishes. Pierogi (dumplings) competition is an excellent team-building activity and will definitely make your stay in Poland unforgettable!

SOCIAL PROGRAM: Communism adventure

Explore the communist past of Warsaw! The original vintage bus, the so-called "cucumber" will take you on a panoramic tour of the surviving relics of the communism era! Amazing social-realist architecture, including the Palace of Culture and Science, a funny Communism Museum, incredible propaganda movies and a vodka shot in a traditional milk bar from that epoch.


Akt Theatre is considered to be the Polish Cirque du Soleil! All performances combine elements of pantomime, comedy, dance, circus, stilt acrobatics and fire animation. These extraordinary shows will enhance your private events. There are plenty of other ideas as well: Chopin piano recitals, modern folk shows with body painting elements, jazz and classical music performances, traditional folk shows, talent show winners and many others.

Top of the PolandPops

  • Hanseatic beauty

  • the best fish dishes in Poland & famous Goldwasser vodka

  • important water sport center & maritime capital of Poland

  • the beginning of the end of Communism in Eastern Europe

  • the best amber jewelry in Europe

  • Gdansk

  • Cracow is home to around six thousand historic sites and more than two million works of art

  • spectacular clubbing & night life! Hundreds of bars and clubs in cellars and courtyards

  • international chain hotels & cozy, boutique style accommodation

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine – a world-class attraction

  • Cracow

  • Old Town is listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites

  • 22 restaurants recommended by Michelin Guide in 2015

  • world-class museums & art galleries

  • unique & diverse venues

  • 2 international airports

  • fine dining & modern clubbing

  • Warsaw

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